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The Biggest Lie Ever on PPACA Debunked

July 24, 2011

One simple question to start:

How do we measure job growth every month?

  • The new jobs report that every media outlet publishes

What is the worst month of growth we have had since growth turned positive?

  • last month , 18,000 jobs. April was 300K or so.…

Since job growth turned positive over 3M jobs have been created.

So what does this chart below measure?

The average CHANGE, month to month of growth – NOT the total growth – by the periods it established to try and make a point.

  • So if on month 1 100K jobs were created then the change from the prior month were zero were created would be 1ook.
  • If month 2 101K were created the change is – 1K and so on.

So what does this chart mean? NOTHING.

There is no correlation with  the passage of PPACA and the idea that there could be stretches credulity to its breaking point.

To believe that there is a connection all of a sudden in April 2010 every business owner in America, regardless of industry, region, P&L, size et would have had to fallen into a trance magically making business decisions on a law that wouldn’t take full effect for nearly 4 years.

I could make a chart like this for anything. And did right here!

Heck in May the end of the world was supposed to have happened and guess
what the number of new jobs was only 18,000. People worrying about that
must have ceased hiring.

It is really sad that people have to congrive this type of nonsense with made up numbers with no meaning or correlation to the reality of PPACA and healthcare reform..


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