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Monthly Unemployment Rate Decreases Since April 2010 Due to PPACA

July 24, 2011

The “average rate of unemployment rate change per month” has been reduced approximately 290% since PPACA was passed showing the power of the new healthcare law!

If you look at the “average % change in the unemployment rate per month “ from the financial crisis of 2008 until 6/2011 you will find:

  • From 9/2008 (6.2%)  thru 4/2010 (9.8%) the unemployment rate averaged a .18% increase / month
  • From 5/2010 thru 6/2011 the unemployment rate averaged a .064% decrease
A recent Heritage Foundation post claimed that PPACA was the culprit in the decrease in “average job gains” per month as compared to period 2/09 – 4/10 before it was enacted. Actually this stat is completely wrong, besides being totally made up.
See our comments on it here.
But our meaningless stat is also compeletely bogus just to prove how easy it is to lie with numbers.

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